A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Bank

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Perspective is fascinating, isn’t it?

When you look down from a plane, people look like ants. And then you can’t even see them at all. Look down while you’re walking, or from a bike,  and ants look like ants. Even different kinds of ants.

If you live close enough to your bank, chances are you walk or bike there sometimes. Have you ever stopped to think of how very different that is from driving there?

A Very Short Journey to the Bank

Parking spot? Who needs one. You’re walking or riding your bike to your community bank. It’s time to get in the mindset of getting out and doing something, even if it is just to ask for some advice on a possible business idea or grab some cash for your weekend trip to the mountains. Whatever your reason for visiting the bank this time, you’re doing it in style—old style.

Since you’re not racing around anywhere near the speed limit, life slows down to meet you. If you see someone you know, you can stop for a chat. Notice the plants, trees, and animals going about their business while you walk to do yours.

Before you know it, you’re already at your bank. No worrying about where to park your car or having to time your trip for a parking meter. Just grab another bit of that fresh air and go inside.

While You’re At the Bank

Now that you’re at the bank, notice how energized you feel. You’ve gotten more exercise than you would have by pushing a brake pedal a few times. Maybe you’ve gotten your heart rate up just a bit, and that’s a good thing. It gets you in a good mood for what’s next:  a bit of banking.

If you’re at a community bank, then you probably already know the people you’ll talk with. You can talk about your journey to the bank, and maybe they’ll share something about their way to work there as well. After all, a good trip to the bank is not just about a transaction.

After the Bank: Wherever You Go

Well, that was fun. Now where to? Since your community bank is probably located, well, right within the community, you’re probably already close to shops and restaurants and maybe some other interesting places. Time to meet some friends or just hang out on your own. Or, if you really just popped down to the bank to do one of two things, you know the way home.

Whenever you do head back home, you’ll certainly want to stay in the moment and check out what might have changed while you were gone. Is the sunlight hitting the trees at a slightly different angle already? Who’s around? The same squirrels as before? The same ants?

The Takeway

The point of this brief article is simple:  If you live fairly close to your bank, try walking or riding your bike their instead of driving. It makes for a much more memorable experience, and you’ll get a little extra exercise along the way. One more thing:  If you’re on your phone while you’re on your way to your bank, be careful. Some of those cars whizzing buy are being driven by people going to other banks—far, far away.