What is Convenient for YOU?

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Convenience stores are everywhere, but where will you find convenience banks?

When it comes to your banking needs, lots of things can add convenience to your experiences. Community banks deliver convenience in a number of ways. Let’s look at just a few right now.

Keeping it Really Mobile

You’ve got to have online and mobile banking. Period.

With your banking app in hand, you can control your finances on any device, wherever you are. You should be able to personalize your app to your liking, too. This is definitely part of the convenience equation. If your app lets you jump around and do what you need to do as easily as texting or posting on social, then that’s not just cool, it’s also a huge convenience.

Whether you’re checking balances, transferring between accounts, or paying and getting paid by friends and family, you need the convenience of doing it on any device. That means devices that are still in the design stage today, so you can upgrade when they launch and continue to bank as usual. Community banks have done some major upgrading in mobile and online banking lately, so they’re ready for Silicon Valley’s next big launch.

Another trend in convenience uses mobile in particular to help people learn about financial concepts and take better control of their own personal and small business accounts. More and more banks, including those close by, are embedding financial education in their apps and online experiences.

What Counts:  Where and When

If a bank is easy to get to and not far from home or office, that’s a huge boost to convenience. The shorter the commute to your bank, the less you’ll be affected by any type of traffic. And, once you get there, community banks are known for having tons of parking. No circling around the lot for an open space, and zero risk of a parking ticket!  Also, what else is close by your bank? If you can combine a trip to the bank with a visit with friends at a nearby coffee shop, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Community banks make a point to open a bit earlier than other banks, and this includes opening on weekends, at least for Saturday mornings. They sometimes open their drive-through banking even earlier, which is especially convenient if you’re doing some early-morning business or, even better, getting a head start on a road trip!

One more thing about time that factors into convenience:  pace. When you don’t feel rushed, it’s almost as if you’re being given more time. Community banks are also known for being patient and helpful with customers, so your time, just like your money, stays valuable.

Available Now!

The other aspect of convenience that a lot of people might not consider is availability. By that, I mean the availability of qualified, helpful, friendly people who are there to help you do your banking whenever you make an appearance at the branch.

At a community bank, the tellers who help you do your banking will likely recognize you as soon as you walk through the door. This might not seem so important, but it is. Besides giving you the feeling you deserve, that you’re welcome and not seen as just another account holder, knowing who you are means you can step right up and start getting things done. You don’t need to go through the routine of presenting ID and answering questions first.

When you walk into a community bank, you’ll see lots of people—even if it’s not a very big place. This kind of bank is known for staffing sufficiently, so you won’t have to wait long at all.

Perhaps even most important for convenience, the tellers at community banks can help you with a huge range of transactions. In most cases, they won’t need to have you go sit and wait for a manager. If you do need a manager, though, that’s fine. Chances are the manager will be available soon, if not immediately.

The (Convenient) Takeaway

Community banks value their customers’ needs for convenience. It’s one of the ways they’re able to continue to win and keep customers like you. But convenience can mean different things to different people. So, whatever convenience in banking means to you, you should be able to find it very easily at one of your nearby community banks.